we cannot recreate creations who can replace a place create a king, create a queen, create a Jack and an ace if we wouldn’t be blind, sit in a golden cage, we would see the skyline of L.A. [...]

Hollow Earth

we feel insight but get no heal boundaries came from death, they are best of vague say where it all begins, as well where we all end the day we die, a demon grows up on earth you look up for [...]


I fill my lungs with tar it’s said it would be gold already missed the use already killed my muse you live in someone’s fear and dried out all your eyes your teeth are doomed to break [...]

Dharmachakra of Christianity

the last tree has been cut down from this place poisened rivers, no fish to be caughted you’ve eaten your gods, you’ve eaten your soul open your eyes, open your eyes you see no evil [...]

Federal Emergency Mass Assassination

thank god and all the devils we made somekind of heaven we take the protein pills to let us feel it lesser illusions can be painful, we search for skulls and bones behind a fence of truth – [...]


Behind the veil of all the hieratic and mystical allegories of ancient and fake doctrines behind the darkness and ordeals of all cynicals under the seal of rhymes you can not re-create creations [...]

Incited Volition

we choose to love but the world is cruel illusion-nation – too good to be true be a blister, fool the russians like hell claim equality, be proud to be gay love hate – fuck chaste [...]

Savior Self

we are so vacant we are so tough we are distracted we are illusion we want to blame our moms we want to blame our dads accepting fucking norms behind the golden forms the golden dawn hermetic [...]

Human Being

I hope your anger grows I hope your temple breaks I hope your mason dies I hope your law will dash I hope you almost die I hope you see my god I hope you slit your throat I hope you drown in [...]