everything’s been said in rhymes
in every form – in every step
everyone is missing out
his point of view – his sight of light
we cannot cut the hand
that’s meant to feed our brainless mind
atleast we try to shove
responsibilities so wide

breathe, motherfucker
breathe – breathe, motherfucker

if we storm the bases
burn their faces
erase their traces
we might accept the fact
that we’re the one
who build their places

we’ve got the power to defeat the feeder
erase the shit out of the fucking breeder
if the gate has been build from our hands
we are able to destroy the thing that hides the land

it’s like the doomsday, bitch
we will bring the revolution
it’s enough to possess the idea to kill
just for the freedom – just for the will

and we count
and we count
and we count
until the day