devil’s got a mind, devil’s got a mind
I am so dirty, dirty

you are of piss-excretion
I am self-explenation
you are a dirtyfuck
a simple dirt-fuck
you need no proclamation
we see your fascination
of over-population
with your whore-carnation

I can’t breathe
I can’t feel
tongues on my lips
tongues on my hips

devil’s got a gun, devil’s got a gun
pull the trigger – boom boom
headshot – headshot

devil’s got a knife, devil’s got a knife
pull it down your scrag
slash me – slash me

devil’s got a stick, devil’s got a stick
push it down your throat
drowning – drowning

devil’s got a pill, devil’s got a pill
suck your medicine
numb me – numb me

devil’s got a spine, devil’s got a spine
break a bone, crack it, break me, break me

devils got a fuck, devils got a fuck
take a last breath and, kill it, kill it

devils in my head, devils in my head
forcing all the thing, push me, push me

devils in my head, devils in my head
pull the trigger – boom boom, give me headshot