Thank you all for your patience, we just got the Vinyls and will ship them to your as soon as possible. As promised all pre-orders will get a huge poster and the CD for free.

There are still some left (only nine at the moment), so hurry up, if you want a copy. We will NOT repress again:
Comes with two 12 inch Inlay-Cards.
All pre-orders receive the CD and a 10 x 20 inch poster.

Fully remastered.

Track 8 is two tracks (Rothschild Pt. 1 and Rothschild Pt. 2) who are combined for a better transition.
Track 10 is two tracks (Hollow Earth and Evalslave) who are combined for a better transition.
The last Track from the CD (beneath the Hollow) is missing due to the length of the Album, for a better sound-quality.

On the upper spine you can find a short-URL-Link which lets you download a whole Live-Recording of the WGT performance from 2017.

On the lower spine you can find a hint, that tells you to combine several tracks and overlap them to unlock new songs.