First of all: We’d like to thank our previous label DarkTunes for the great work in the last years. There was never the point to regret it, DarkTunes made a great job.

But with the years going we also grew up, fought our wars, made great plans, and so on. And now it’s the time to say Good Bye to an old friend and say hello to our new family – Danse Macabre Records. It’s all about the decision to be side by side with my best friend, Sven Hegewald from Unterschicht. He and I know each other better then our wifes. That’s why Devil-M signed to Danse Macabre Records, plus there’s a great energy floating between Bruno Kramm (Das Ich), Björn Miethe (System Noire), Konstantin Michalsky (Wisborg), Sven and me.

We are one label, working hard together, help each other and sitting side by side on a dining table. This is a fucking big step for us, this is a family!