New Merchandise on Bandcamp

We just updated our Bandcamp page! Lots of classic shirts and new stuff like flags and stitched clothing. You can also got off 15% of all merchandise by subscribing to our EMBRYOGOTT-community [...]


I am the father who disbelieved in every human many Antichrists have been there But now I’m the one we are all liars and deny that Jesus Christ is the father, son and god and the holy ghost [...]


I am still buried I am in hurry I’m on my death parade I’m perforated I’m stabbed in wounds I’m on my death parade It’s Apokrypha (8x) I will permit the psalms but [...]

Remixes wanted

It’s time again, we’re looking out for fresh remixes to release a new Remix-Album. For free, of course. Maybe iTunes, Amazon, etc. will charge you but we strongly recommend you our [...]

Embryogott-Tour abgesagt

Während wir den Auftakt in Asendorf und zwei weitere geile Gigs in Erfurt & Freiberg hatten, müssen wir leider aufgrund der Corona-Verbreitung bis auf Weiteres unsere Gigs absagen. Wir können [...]


for every moment we remain reality is set to drain for every step we take too far we shut our minds in reservoirs we keep a secret and hold it tight noone knows it – noone knows we’re [...]